Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boots for Russia

So I will be spending three months in Russia this coming Fall and on my list of things to acquire I was sent this as item number one:

  • Warm waterproof boots (Moscow has a lot of slush!).  Women usually wear very nice leather boots in the winter.  You won’t see Russians wearing water proof mountain boots.  They prefer more elegant footwear.  Yet be sure what you bring is practical.

So I searched and searched for the perfect boots

I found some boots I love....

-Giuseppe Zanotti-

Giuseppe Zanotti-
Priceless (not really, I just don't know the price)

-Giuseppe Zanotti-
$ 1,025.00

Maybe if I don't eat all Summer I'll save enough money and these can be mine these can be mine.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Gift to You.

I am a writer. So I write. I write for you. I am your medium. my writing does not always reflect me but you can use me if you need to. 

I let you say "man that girl is crazy"--when you really mean you.

I write what I see and I feel it for you. I ache through your pain. I dance for your love. I cry for your sorrow. I boil for your fury. 

and I write it all as "I" so that you can admit to your feelings through an outside party. 

I Find It Hard to Say (Rebel)

"While today is still today, choose well" -Lauryn Hill


I declared my bondage with graffiti 
medium for my freedom
testimony to my boredom
evidence of the monotonous 
I demanded freedom through rebellion. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Get a Hobby

It is critical that more people in our society make THINKING a hobby
not just any thinking

we want others to think for us
someone to tell us what to do
and those people are there, eager and dying to steer you in THEIR direction and they will do so gladly

so your ambition is used to build THEIR kingdom
and you feel accomplished
blindly carrying out someone else's agenda

but you get it done
and you get it done well

you are determined
and not just a goal setter but a goal reacher
you are DRIVEN

DRIVEN like cattle, that is

but the critical thinker
the one who carries out his own agenda
who leads people into leadership with open eyes
that person is a goal EXCEEDER
the naive/ignorant person described above cannot exceed goals because that would require them to know where they are going

but they only know what they are told

the good kind of driven
the kind that requires a mind

mind you thinking like any other skill takes practice
you must think in your spare time and in addition make time to think
and question


you must practice all of these things. To become a "GOOD THINKER"- a Critical thinker
think critically about your life
your goals
your fears
your strengths
your "friends"
your diet
your history
your future


One Way Contentment

I will try and forgive myself
for neglecting you
you need not forgive me
you probably did not notice the lack of me
the slack in my connection to all things that be you
you probably slept well
despite my absence
but I was aware of the space between us
it haunted me
showed face  in my dreams
tortured me until dreams became nightmares
every time I closed my eyes
 in my absence you were there
tattooed behind my eye's lid
from the needle sting
 I cried for you
and I hated myself from all sides for leaving you behind

so I fought me
for you
so that I could be with you again
and now I must let the cookie crumble
the waters flow
the horn blow
I must let the eroded rock stumble its way down the hill
and forgive myself for leaving you
but you
you need not worry yourself with such foolishness
you need not worry
for you probably won't even notice that I'm here

you need me
but I need you
and all that matters is that I forgive myself enough to stay near you
safe in this spot