Monday, September 27, 2010

Snap Shots

My Camera officially broke while in transit from Connecticut to New York or maybe from New York to Germany. It could be that it broke from Germany to Moscow. Either way the lens wouldn't open when I arrived in my dorm.

But Luckily Kelley Van Dilla who is an incredible photographer and a generous human being, lets me post photos from his camera. So all credit to Kelley Van Dilla. If you want to see more AMAZING pictures check out Kelley's blog as well (click here).

This is the house that I stayed in while on the O'Neill's Campus. It is called the White House but it might be yellow....not sure.

This is my favorite picture of the beach at NTI. I love the depth- the sun sits all the way in the back of the image but still manages to reach you with a rainbow.

Some of the group checking out Red Square

St. Basil's Cathedral

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