Sunday, August 29, 2010

Delusions of Insomnia

While it is true that I have missed you
I have also enjoyed the sun on the back of neck and I don't even mind that is currently turning blacker than black

although I have missed the shade I am excited about all the UV rays in the distance

I hope I can absorb it all
I hope there is room enough in me to store it all
I don't mind if these rays infect me
take me over
fill me with dreams and positivity

see not all cancers kill
not all antibiotic heal
(it can be confusing, I know)
but I want this poison to engulf me
yes. this poison, my friends, is good

and I know you are reading this thinking that I am honoring you in metaphors
but this little napkin scribble is not what you think it is

it's  about him
but not him

the other him
it's about Him
and you and all of them

it's about all the hopes and dreams that I have
 and I see
 and I can almost grab
it is about that fact that I could choose to be depressed at any minute (you could too)
but the sunrise is just so so so inviting
and your shade...?

(by your, I mean their, I just forgot who I was talking to. I am actually still confused.)

their shade.
is not cool enough to keep out the fire
not cool enough for me to ignore the rays

born in one of the coldest months
I am blessed to be a fire sign

I am hot and that is why I sleep naked

it is 3:33 am and I have no idea what I am talking about.


but don't forget to make a wish! 

-Jacqueline Naami

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