Friday, July 23, 2010

The White Flag

As soon as I get that red flagged warning, I am DONE. There is no need to push it. I am too young. I will fight for some things but only those things which deserve it. Until those things present themselves, I'll keep it moving. Sometimes the walk is strenuous and I get tired. It is usually in those moments of respite that I found myself missing what I know is better left behind. I turn around and it's still so close by. Usually, this is where great friends come in or an inspiring song or strengthening book and it urges me to continue the difficult walk. At every rest-stop I turn my head. Eventually, I can't see that thing anymore. It's too small. I have grown above it. I am towering now.
I realize that all of these things which I thought were good for me and that I have since had to leave behind are not reflections of some cursed life of mine. See, there is a lot more crazy in this world than good and so it makes since that so many encounters would prove unfruitful despite the hope that I have invested in them, but see I'll only need one tree to plant a fruitful seed in me. One. In the midst of a million red flags, I only need one white one blowing in the breeze. I'll hold mine up too and we'll surrender together. due time.

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