Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Refined Consciousness.

all of these fools stuck in yesterday are missing the point of now still talking about what they'll do tomorrow

when I am late. I often just relax and soften my gait but make each step deliberate. I hate to rush now. I hate to rush the moments. I am slooooow like that. I like to meander.

take my time. send the impulse to stand before I even rise. so that if your watching closely you might have caught me floating. so connected from the mind to body. I can jump in right at the opening. defying gravity.
because my walk transcends time. it is weightless. effortless. no ballet just straight spiritualness. flying now so that I can reach the sky tomorrow. explore this galaxy- so large I can't even begin to comprehend it and when I think of this Earth and the fact that it is just a miniscule dot in a never ending blanket of space 

never ending


never ending space

it gives me goosebumps
which remind me that I am human
which immediately humbles me

I kneel down and hail all to this powerful limitless Universe
for the Universe is God  
and God is energy
And Gods energy is positivity
and positivity is Love 
and Love

Love is all I ever wanted.... all in due time

 "you're so deep lately" 
I think I am just so BLACK lately
so proud lately
so hopeful lately

still myself but refined

"I am trying to protect what I keep inside. All the reasons why I live my life"

I want to love me. Love me more than you do.  Love me before I love you...

who ever you are.

:) and I can't wait to meet you. 

(won't it be something if I already know you? Oh, how we'll laugh about that. How we missed what was right before our eyes but all in due time)

-Jacqueline Naami

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