Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Day

one day..

one day all of the things I've hoped for will be right before my eyes.
when I wake and see them
I will immediately pray:

"Dear God, Lord, Jah, Jehovah, Yeshua, Almighty, Denzel,

(Whatever I might call him then, it seems the cool thing now-a-days to switch between names)

Thank you for my fruit
I love the way it tastes and it is growing so fine
and its true the apples don't fall far
for they are just like their dad
but they have my smile
and thank you for all the noise
and all the broken glass
we clean it always right away
no mess in this garden

no, it is where we play
naked all through the day
we know each other in this Eden
we respect each other in this Eden
and we invite others to play

and thank you for tree trunk
we are so strong
the one that broke tho
we use that stump as a table now
we eat dinner there so that we always reunite at our roots
at the heart of the ones that fell down so that we may stand and break bread
we break bread on their back
and sometimes the cat climbs the other tree and when we can't reach him
we stand on the shoulders of the stump
it is always there

and thank you for the river that passes just along the back fence
we drink there
sunbathe in your rays
skip rocks
teaching the small ones just how to do it right
we wanna make sure they're prepared for life.

thank you for all the fruit.
it's never been so sweet
and I will do my best to keep it growing for my grand kids.

hands together and bowing in thanks,

Jacqueline Naami"

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  1. when you just going too write me a hot 16 lol. your awesome, keep up the good work.