Monday, May 10, 2010

It Was Written

It was written before I wrote it 
and would have been regardless of whether I had written it down
but I wrote it anyway so that you could remember it
and I could find some evidence of it
no excuse for ignoring it
for it is 
and will be
even if you cross it out
See I wrote it so that you would have to face IT now

and it was written way before Nas had Street Dreams and delivered The Message
and the mixtape was written before Lu spit it 
before he added -pe and stuck Fiasco to it
It was written in 'lu' 
of chance 
it was written by fate
and I write it so I can hold 
your fate
my fate
hold it in my hands

mold it
try and 
control it
erase what I don't like
...or else try

See it was written so we would acknowledge it
so we would pay homage to His name and
to what is important in it
so we could twist it and attempt to make it our own 

and this too was written 
before I wrote it but I wrote it anyway

-Jacqueline Naami

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