Monday, May 10, 2010

NiKKi G.

I won't dive all the way into this but I want to introduce you to Nikki Giovanni

I read my first Nikki G. poem in the 7th grade and it was after reading it that I decided I ought to try and write poetry outside of our language arts poetry units.

There was a poem in that literature book that stood out
I didn't really understand it 
but I knew it was the TRUTH and I never forgot this one line.

"If i can't have what i want then my job is to want what i've got and be satisfied that at least there is something more to want"

for years I had no idea who had written the poem or what it was called but I never forgot that small part.

Anyways, I will end the story here. The journey was a long one. If you want to hear it, let me know. I'll break it down for yall.

The point of all this is to introduce my next little venture. See I  have read and listened to a lot of interviews with Nikki Giovanni and I've noticed that she speaks about so many things that I have already written about or established as truth within myself. I also find that I absorb her voice a little after I read her and then write...

So yeah, I don't know how many I'll post but the next few things (at least) will be of or inspired by Nikki G.

Enjoy it or hate it.
Either way leave a comment.

-Jacqueline Naami


  1. It's really wonderful for you to share her - you pride and joy.

  2. ... meant to write "...YOUR pride and joy."