Monday, May 10, 2010


(most of these will begin like this: something Nikki said--->Something I wrote to illustrate it my own way)

“She always said she didn’t know who if anyone would stand with her. She just knew that it was time for her to stand.”
                                                          -Nikki Giovanni on Rosa Parks

If I cry for you
Fight for you
Rage on until my nails make a passage for blood
Will you
Stand/and deliver?
Or should I cry ‘til my eyes hurt and
My dress is soaked and
My body dehydrates from an overload of emotion?
Will you stand?
Transform into a modern day cat?
Or should I make an excuse for you?
That white man is out to get you
That nigger so washed up he tryna lynch you
Then will you wear black to mourn the death of conformity but celebrate a new addition to the Panther family?
Should I wait until tomorrow or
next week or 
until I am peering through the clouds wondering

 why I cried at all…

-Jacqueline Naami

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