Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If you know me then you know that I LOVE Lupe Fiasco.
I wrote this with him in mind (hence the tittle). 
Waiting for that album to drop...

I took my shades off for the trilogy

expose a revolution 
a neo-peoples movement

you thought the end had come with 3

but a crowd is nothing to me

Light up my world

my eyes are open for the seeing 
I want watercolor Hip Hop for this next one
blend it
blended so smoothly with reality and poetry
with rhyme and free verse

not that choppy shit that blocky that singular mosaic shit

laser it and blend it a watercolor masterpiece
and do it quickly Dali foresaw it 
time is melting away and I-
the world deserves to see your artistry 
through their headphones

paint them a watercolor portrait of what Hip Hop looked like when Common still loved her

paint a coster sized image of what Hip Hop looked like when Lauryn embodied her
and I will keep it in my pocket

paint it with your laser pen and we will absorb your take on it
paint me a portrait of Hip Hop on your microphone 

I need to see her through eyes like my own
does Hip Hop look like me or should I wish for the bluest eyes like Claudia?
tired of fitting into boxes not made for sisters with noses hips and asses
no lights for my brothers dark as  asphalt and smooth as chocolate
even our savior was painted as a white boy but I was made in his image

use your laser to tie me into history
with your watercolor vocabulary.
make it blend 
it's more complicated than black white deeper than grey

use your laser and paint a new image of Hip Hop one where we all win
one where we all relate 
unable to find anything familiar besides the feeling that good music brings

-Jacqueline Naami

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