Monday, May 17, 2010


my favorite feature about myself is well rounded
so firm to hold it is to know it
and everybody just can't stroke it

it is me most naked
learn it
hold it
mold it
probe it the right way and you will hear me say things 
you never knew I could say
if you're really lucky I might even sing for you
push me and I might even scream at you

you'll never know 'til you try it
and be careful 
don't provoke it
there is a time for everything
rough  now
gentle later
I hope you are a good reader
the signals 
I drop them
but no red flags
you must keep watching

see my favorite thing I treat it
give it soft places to lay
nourish it with goodness
not cheap shit
I like that stuff you've never heard of
that stuff you can't be robotic to find

I'm on that constant conscious nourishment grind
trying to find the perfect stimulation
so as to never grow bored
always learning
always learning a better way 

and that thing that I speak of is cultured
you can tell almost as soon as you see it
and  'I' before 'E' often it precedes me 
they say -she got that good thang- before I even enter

and if you want to know that thing that is mine
you gotta come with it
after light wine or heavy drinking
you may find way to glimpse it

but  my MIND is far more intriguing if I let you see it

-Jacqueline Naami

1 comment:

  1. love love love.
    glad ur back on this blog.
    i recently came back too.
    well this and tumblr.
    i love you woman.
    you are still my inspiration.